Terms & Conditions

When booking a rental with Waveline using our website, you agree to the following terms.


Waveline offers no guarantees to get you on your jet ski or boat exactly at the time of reservation but instead we make our best effort to get you on your watercraft as soon as possible. We often have accidents or damaged Sea-Doos that require our attention and can put some units our of service. These cases are rare, but can happen. Waveline will do our best to accomodate you through all inconveniences that arise.

Waveline does not guarantee your reservation if you are late. Renters must show up 20 minutes before your reservation and inform staff of their arrival so the paperwork can be completed and you can start your rental by the specified reservation time. If you are not there 20 minutes early, your reservation is not guaranteed.

Credits Towards Balance

The booking fee is not a credit towards your rental fee. It is an additional cost (usually 4%) to reserve a rental so that you can spend less time waiting in line. This modest fee gets you priority service at Waveline.


We do not offer refunds for your booking fee.

If Waveline staff deem the weather conditions unsafe to rent, then you will get a credit in the form of a free exchange for a booking for another day and time. Nonoptimal weather like rain, cloud or wind do not warrant a refund. You may confirm whether or not Waveline is still sending rentals out by phone or in person.

If your reservation is cancelled by staff due to extreme bad weather and unsafe conditions, simply make a new reservation online, then reply to the reservation confirmation email with your original (cancelled) booking ID and we will simply refund the cancelled booking.